Home alone for the first time.

After years of the rollercoaster that is share house living, as of a few days ago, I am living alone for the first time ever. Share-housing has been a wild ride of parties and late night giggles, sharing a space with people that stink, arguments over who’s turn it is to empty the bins, stoned binge-watching TV marathons and finding other people’s hair in all sorts of places. It has been sometimes maddening, mostly wonderful, but I’ve decided that at 37, maybe it’s time to start living alone.


I now live alone in my own apartment and I have been offered some paid writing work so I am basically Carrie Bradshaw.

I couldn’t have been luckier with the share-houses I have found since moving here to Saigon. Initially I lived in huge place that was a bit like a ran down hotel. It wasn’t the prettiest place, but the atmosphere more than made up for that. There was a bar right there when you’d walk though the front-door and things got really crazy more than once. After two glorious months of hedonism though, it was time to to move somewhere a little more stable.

My next house was so cool. It was a five-bedroom place, with a beautiful rooftop and the housemates were just lovely. I adored the neighbourhood I was in and I’ve written about it here A few people moved out though, and a few things changed so it was time to move again.

My next stop was sharing with one of my girlfriends, Barbara in a beautiful apartment on the 19th floor of a kinda fancy building. We had a blast, two single gals living together. Lots of binge-watching TV, talking about blokes while knocking back beers on the couch and late-night snack runs and McDonalds orders. Barbara is moving too Tokyo now though and as much as I wish her all the happiness in the world over there, I am also a bit heartbroken to be saying good-bye.

There are share-houses a plenty in this town, but I thought I might see, for the first time in my life, what it is like to live alone. There is no shortages of accomodation options in this town and after looking at quite a few, what sealed the deal on the place I chose was that it has a funky loft space, which I have turned into my space for online teaching and writing, giving me a bit of separation from home and work.




When I tell other people who live, or have lived alone before, they keep telling me how fantastic it is.

“You will love it”, they say.  “It’s great, you can even eat naked!”

Is this what you solo dwellers do, regularly? Sit alone at the dining table, eating your meat and three veg in the nude? I can’t say that lounging around in the nud, eating chip and dip, with my fanny out has ever been top of my bucket list, but I guess I can’t knock it till I try it.

The joys of chips out, tits out living may have to wait a little while though. My flat is so close to my neighbour’s place that I can touch the wall from my, ‘balcony’ and they have a window that faces directly into my room. My landlord, in his infinite wisdom, decided that the best kinds of curtains for this situation are sheer, flimsy ones offering no privacy all whatsoever .


What a view! How’s the serenity.

One of my girlfriends joked with me that as a single girl living alone, my flat is going to become a ‘Saigon swinging sex pad’. I best wait to get darker curtains before any of that though, or the neighbours might call the police and have me arrested for lewd behaviours.


Unpacking sucks! But I am getting there.

As bit of an extrovert, I am a little nervous about how this living alone thing is going to go. With my two Saigon best-friends leaving town, no boyfriend to be found and not even pet cat, I am slightly worried I am going to go a bit mad living alone. Maybe I’ll be found rocking in the corner, talking to a ball that I’ve drawn a face on like Tom Hanks in Castaway. I signed the contract though, until the end of the year, probably the biggest commitment I have made to anything in my life. I’m looking forward to seeing if this solo-living gig really is a wonderful as everyone keeps telling me. It is a little quiet though here, so please come visit.

19 thoughts on “Home alone for the first time.

  1. Back to blogging after a long break ✨😉 Welcome Back🤗! Living alone is fun☺️ I’m an introvert and i love solitude. It’s going to be a different experience for you indeed, being alone, no boyfriend, no pet 😜 I’m sure you’ll love it, not sure but you might like that way of living, our pieces at peace😉✨ My best wishes for your time alone ✨💐 Happy Living! 😋

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh what a huge new adventure you are on! I’m the opposite of you – lived alone whenever I possibly could. It’s not that I never shared, but my first choice always was to have my own place. You can still binge watch whatever you want. And the whole naked thing? Nah, I don’t get that either.
    You’ll find your way.


  3. cannot wait to read more adventures Carly!
    and a paid writing gig .. awesome work. not easy in this day and age. make sure you let us know where to find it .. and if you need an antiballistic apron to protect yourself whilst cooking 😂

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  4. What a lovely new place! I adore living alone as I like my own space and it just removes so many potential complications. There’s always the outside world if you need company! Also love your loft-space – wish I had one of those in my house!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Carly as long as you like your own company, as I do. , you’ll love living by yourself.
        Then if you feel you’re becoming isolated then all you have to is go to a bar and chat with others.
        I personally go to the shops to get a dose of humanity.
        I wish you well on your new venture.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks Aunty Julie! It has mostly been going well but then the whole city shut down for Ten holiday (Vietnam New Year) and I was going stir crazy so go out of town to visit a friend.


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